Where to Look for Entry Level Phlebotomy Jobs

A career in phlebotomy is a popular option. You can earn certification, work with new and interesting people every day, and do something positive for people in need. Even as an entry-level position, phlebotomy jobs offer an excellent salary in comparison to other training opportunities, such as retail and the food industry.

But many people put up an immediate wall when it comes to the suggestion that they, too, could be a phlebotomist, even in a junior position, because it’s a job that is in the medical field. However, there are plenty of phlebotomy jobs that require little-to-no experience, and more and more organizations are looking for people who are just getting started, so they can train and develop them as they go.

If you’ve ever had an interest in phlebotomy, or think you might want to look into a career as a phlebotomist, there are a few key factors to know and understand.

What Is a Phlebotomy Technician?

If you’re looking for a new job in phlebotomy, you’ll likely be hired as a phlebotomy technician. What does that mean? Simply put, you would be the person who draws blood from patients. Phlebotomy technicians can work anywhere from hospitals, to labs, or even smaller private practices, depending on the need.

Most people who begin working in the medical industry as a phlebotomist typically are looking for a long career that moves up and builds with experience – a lot of people who start out in phlebotomy end up being things like nurses, assistants, or even doctors. However, an advancement in the medical industry certainly isn’t necessary to be a great phlebotomist.

What Experience Is Needed to Be a Phlebotomist?

If you decide you’d like to become a phlebotomist, there are a few preparatory issues to consider: You must be a high school graduate or have an equivalent GED to participate in phlebotomy training. No other prior experience is necessary.

That is one of the great things about becoming a phlebotomist – you can usually find a phlebotomy job with no prior experience, but you will likely need certification from a licensed phlebotomy course. These courses can be found all over, and a quick search will likely lead you to several in your area. Most training courses will take less than a year, and after you’ve received your certification, you’ll be able to start searching for entry level phlebotomy jobs near you.

You may initially find in your search that many places require some experience to become a member of their staff, which can sometimes be frustrating to someone who has completed their training and is ready to get started. Thankfully, there are several great options you can look into for junior phlebotomy vacancies without experience.

How to Find Entry Level Phlebotomy Jobs

Apply for an Entry Level Phlebotomy Job with No Experience


There is a huge demand for phlebotomists in the medical field today, and there are recruiters from hospitals, labs, etc. who are regularly sent to certification sites to look for people interested in getting started in the industry right away. While you’re completing your training, be on the lookout for these recruiters, or any information they might bring with them. Check bulletin boards, online forums, etc., for potential opportunities, as well.


There are so many non-profit organizations and hospitals alike that are happy to take on people willing to volunteer their phlebotomy services. Organizations like the Red Cross, drug treatment centers, and veterans’ clinics are always looking for more help. While these opportunities may not put you on a payroll, they are a great way to gain experience. You can get your foot in the door with important organizations that could help you find a more permanent phlebotomy job somewhere else.

Looking for phlebotomy jobs with no experience online


Internships for phlebotomists at hospitals, doctor’s offices, etc. are available, and again, these are often unpaid. However, you’re likely to gain preference for a job at the medical facility you’re interning at over time, so it’s almost as though you’re getting on-the-job experience or just an ‘extended’ training period throughout your internship.

Local Hospitals

It never hurts to go to your local hospital(s) or doctor’s offices and ask if they’re looking for phlebotomy technicians. Many times, medical facilities can be understaffed, and may not post their every need on job forums, etc. The worst thing that can happen is you might get turned down, or they may tell you all of their staff needs are currently met, but you could also be coming in at just the right time for them when they’re looking for someone with your skills.

Local Job Postings & Online Forums

This is a great way to check out entry level vacancies in phlebotomy in your area quickly and apply for as many jobs as you’d like. You can decide how far you’re willing to look and find a job and situation that would be a good fit for you. Whether it’s at a hospital, clinic, etc., the options are endless, and chances are you’ll find a lot of them with a quick online search.

Finding Phlebotomy Jobs near Me

If you take the time to go through the right training, knowing where to find entry level phlebotomy jobs is important, so don’t be afraid to use all of your resources and fresh ideas to create possible opportunities for yourself. Becoming a phlebotomist is a job that requires no prior experience, and because phlebotomists are in high demand, finding a job quickly should be fairly easy, as long as you know where to look, and as long as you’re willing to put yourself out there.