Where to Find Volunteer Opportunities for Phlebotomists

Although there is a great demand for phlebotomists, many hospitals require experience.  There are different places that you can volunteer, and not only gain the experience that you need but also help others in need of care.

Some hospitals offer volunteer opportunities for phlebotomists.  This would be a good choice for you when you want to start a career in phlebotomy, as the hospital will teach you the way that they do things, and you will find it much easier to get a job in that hospital.

Even if you already have a steady job, and still want to volunteer, there are many places that you can do that.  Both in the USA and overseas, there is never a shortage in the need for volunteers in phlebotomy.  Because there are different aspects in this field, there are different ways that you can help those in need. This will enable you to develop the skills that employers need.

Volunteering will allow you to gain experience with drawing blood, labeling it properly, learning how to handle equipment properly to avoid risk of injury or infection of you or the patient, and more.  You may also work in blood labs, depending on the schooling and certifications that you have.  This will help greatly when filling out a resume for a job in phlebotomy.

In this article, we will talk more about different volunteer opportunities for phlebotomists, and what you will need to apply.  Often, before you can earn your certificate, you will have to volunteer your services to complete the course.  This can be done easily.  Below you will find a few of the most popular organizations that willingly accept volunteers.

Where to Volunteer & Gain Phlebotomy Experience

There are a few different places that you can volunteer.  If you are serious about a career of it, the more that you are willing to do so, the better.  This is one of the top things that employers look for.

How to find Volunteer Opportunities for Phlebotomists

If you want to work in a hospital, the best thing that you can do is to ask for an internship there.  When the internship is over, they will likely hire you, as you are already trained and experienced with their procedures.

The more experience that you have, paid or not, the easier it will be to get hired.  Many people are in need of phlebotomists, but only have the funds for doctors and a few other people on the medical staff.  Usually these people are not certified, and are not legally allowed to take blood.

Central Blood Bank

The Central Blood Bank is always looking for volunteers, as they have many blood drives each year.  They also offer positions that coincide with your schedule.  If you are available at any time, you could work with them in the mobile blood drives.

There are many different blood drives, as there is a lot of need for blood for patients with severe traumas, and who need blood transfusions to save their lives.

Red Cross

The Red Cross offers training and internships, and they have a great need for volunteers.  Since they assist people in disasters, you will gain experience in a fast-paced environment, which will help you greatly when it comes time to start applying for jobs.

The Red Cross does many things for people in times of crisis, and some of these are blood transfusions and checking blood for possible parasites and other abnormalities.  This will help doctors to treat the patients accordingly.  No one can take blood unless they go through a training course and get certified, and many nurses are not able to do this much needed job.

VA Hospitals and Clinics

Because Veteran hospitals are many times understaffed, this would be a good opportunity for you.  There are many VA medical facilities around the country, and they are all in need of help.  You will work with many people, and will gain hands-on experience quickly.

VA facilities are often looking for volunteers, as they get minimum financial help from the government.  As long as you have the proper schooling and certification, you can apply to volunteer.  They may run a background check before accepting you, but most of the time they will be glad to accept your services.


Volunteering at hospitals is a little different than regular volunteering.  You will be essentially asking the hospital for an internship, which allows you to gain experience in their hospital, which will, in turn, give you a much greater chance of getting hired.

There are different areas in hospitals that need phlebotomists.  Of course, there is basic blood testing, where people come in to get bloodwork done.  But there is also much need in emergency rooms, as well.

Patients that have been admitted may also need blood taken at regular intervals.  You will gain a lot of experience, and you will learn how that individual hospital operates.  At the end of your internship and training there, they may very well offer you a job, since you already know how their hospital operates.

phlebotomy work experience

Volunteer Phlebotomist Abroad

You could also travel with doctors and nurses, as well as other volunteers in the medical field.  They travel to different countries, many of which are overpopulated and poor.  The need for medical care is sometimes urgent, as they don’t have proper medical facilities.

You can help the medical staff by collecting blood samples or giving blood to those in need.  Some of these people get very hurt, and by giving them blood, you could easily save their lives.

Some medical teams that go to other countries offer internships.  By working with them, you will not only get the needed hands-on experience, but you will also learn how to work in close surroundings, and with patients young and old alike.

Plasma Donation Centers

Plasma donation centers take blood from people and then separate the plasma from the blood.  After the process is done, the blood is then returned to the person’s body.

You may work in a lab so that you will need extra training for this.  Not all labs accept volunteers, as this is a more complicated part of phlebotomy.  But you could work alongside experienced lab techs to gain more knowledge that you may need later in your career.

Many people are in need of plasma, and these donation centers are a good way to gain experience.  There are many of these centers around, so ask one in your area to see if they need volunteers.

Finding Volunteer Opportunities for Phlebotomists

When you volunteer your time, you will not only gain the experience that employers are looking for, but you will also have the satisfaction of being able to help people in their time of dire need.

There are different things that you can do as a phlebotomist, such as taking blood and properly labeling it or working in different clinics that often need help, but not too many people are willing to work and not get paid.

By either applying for an internship or simply volunteering, you will be working side by side with experienced professionals that will be able to show you how to do things correctly, including keeping yourself and your patients safe.

There is always a chance of getting tainted blood on you or pricking yourself with a needle.  There are certain precautions that you should take, and these are easy to do.

As you become more skilled and work with more people, your chances of getting hired will become much greater.  As mentioned above, there are many places that you can donate your time, while learning new skills and techniques, and getting the hand-on experience that you will need to get a job at a major facility.

A career in phlebotomy can be a very rewarding one.  You can help many people, and give them a new chance.  In today’s society, there are many blood-borne illnesses, shootings, and natural disasters that require blood tests in labs, and also blood transfusions.

As you continue to work side by side with people that have a lot of experience in this field, the better the chances are that you will start your career at a higher wage, and will have more opportunities for the place that you want to work.