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In-Depth Guide to Changing Jobs While on Maternity Leave

Do you have to pay maternity pay back if you leave your job?

Maternity leave usually consists of taking several months off work for women who have recently had a baby. Some women choose not to go back to the same job. Others decide not to go back to work at all. So, what can you expect from switching jobs after maternity leave? Knowing the possible risks and […]

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15 Actionable Steps to Be More Successful at Work

What are the qualities of a good employee

No matter what you do for a living, everyone wants to be more successful at work. Your definition of success could be making more money or getting promoted to a higher position. The key to success at work is developing good habits and getting noticed for the things you’re doing. When it comes to how […]

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Where Can You Work in Healthcare with a Business Degree?

Types of business jobs in the healthcare industry

When you think about the healthcare industry, you might not instantly consider a career business. But, jobs that combine business and health often go hand-in-hand. Business jobs in the healthcare industry are essential! Business jobs in hospitals are more abundant than we realize. When you think about it, the healthcare industry functions as a business. […]

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10 Rewarding Jobs that DON’T Require You to Work Long Hours

What are the best 40 hour work week jobs?

Working a full-time job once involved putting in a standard 40-hour week. For some Americans, though, it can end up being much more than that. So, it’s no surprise that workers all over are feeling burnt out and exhausted. Thankfully, there are some jobs with short hours and good pay. If you end up spending […]

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