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Does Being Overweight Mean That It’s More Difficult to Get a Job?

How to cope with a job interview when overweight

You should have just as much of a chance getting hired as anyone else. Unfortunately, if you’re overweight, you might not find that this is the case. Years of research have determined that obesity can prevent you from getting hired. Simply put, it can be harder to get a job when you’re overweight. Look at […]

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20 Essential Tips for Making it Through Long Shifts at Work

Helpful advice on how to make it through a long work shift

Working long hours can make any job feel draining. Even if you love what you do, long shifts can drive a wedge between you and any positive feelings you have about your job. 40-hour work weeks used to be normal for a full-time job. Now, many people are working anywhere from 50-80 hours a week! […]

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10 Must-Know Tips for Avoiding Burnout in Your Healthcare Career

Is burnout among healthcare professionals a problem?

Whether you’re a busy hospital doctor or an assistant at a private practice, it’s easy to get burnt out quickly. So much is demanded from healthcare workers on a daily basis. Unfortunately, that feeling of exhaustion can lead to poor performance and can affect your own health. People experience burnout for different reasons. Some healthcare […]

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How to Overcome Your Fear of Needles and Sharp Objects

How to recover from needle phobia

Being afraid of needles (belonephobia) can be huge a problem for many reasons. If you need an injection or blood drawn for medical testing, it can be an incredibly stressful experience for the individual. Consequently, many people avoid contact with the medical profession altogether. Phobias are often related to the following issues: Vaccinations Pain from […]

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Phlebotomy on the Job Training: What Should You Expect?

What will I learn about phlebotomy through job-based training?

Recruiters want to see genuine signs that you’re 100% committed to a career in phlebotomy. This can be achieved through placement or volunteer work. But, how do you take your skills to the next level? You’re ‘unlikely’ to have gained enough practical skills on a 4-month training program! The purpose of on-the-job phlebotomy training is […]

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