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Proven Ways to Train for a New Career in Less Than One Year

How to Train for a New Career in Less Than 1 Year

People seek out new careers for a variety of reasons. Maybe you’re not happy with your current job? Maybe you’re over 40 and want to try something new? Maybe you want to find a career path with more money and greater security? Whatever the case, starting a new career is less intimidating when the training takes […]

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Top 10 Phlebotomy Schools & Training Programs in America

Top Phlebotomy Courses in America

Good phlebotomists are in more need than ever. This is in part due to advancements in technology. The entire healthcare industry continues to grow at a rapid rate. Because it is an entry-level job, many people get into phlebotomy as either a permanent career choice or as a stepping stone toward other medical professions. Because there […]

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How Do You Get Funding for Phlebotomy Training Courses?

How to Get Funding for Phlebotomy Training

Most courses of higher education require financing of some kind. Whether you attend a four-year university, a trade school, or even a training program, additional education courses aren’t free. The same is true for phlebotomy courses. Phlebotomy training is necessary to become a licensed and certified phlebotomist. While some programs can vary in length and […]

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What Does Blood Draw or Venipuncture Training Involve?

Understanding Blood Draw

A phlebotomist is a medical professional whose main job is drawing blood. This is also called the practice of venipuncture. Any time that you need blood drawn for lab work, tests, or even when you donate blood, there’s a good chance it is being done by a fully-trained phlebotomist. But, what does blood draw or […]

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Where to Get the Best Phlebotomy Training in Dallas, Texas

Finding Phlebotomy Training in Dallas

Because phlebotomy has become such a popular career choice, there are excellent training courses all over the country. While digital courses are becoming increasingly popular, it is still better to start a hands-on training program. That leaves many people wondering where to get the best phlebotomy training in Dallas. When you’re deciding on a training course, […]

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