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What Does Blood Draw or Venipuncture Training Involve?

Understanding Blood Draw

A phlebotomist is a medical professional whose main job is drawing blood. This is also called the practice of venipuncture. Any time that you need blood drawn for lab work, tests, or even when you donate blood, there’s a good chance it is being done by a fully-trained phlebotomist. But, what does blood draw or […]

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Where to Get the Best Phlebotomy Training in Dallas, Texas

Finding Phlebotomy Training in Dallas

Because phlebotomy has become such a popular career choice, there are excellent training courses all over the country. While digital courses are becoming increasingly popular, it is still better to start a hands-on training program. That leaves many people wondering where to get the best phlebotomy training in Dallas. When you’re deciding on a training course, […]

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Getting the Best Phlebotomy Training in Sacramento, CA

How to Get Phlebotomy Training in Sacramento

Sacramento is the fifth largest city in California (CA). It’s also the capital. Those two factors make it heavily-populated. And this, in turn, creates a need for medical professionals, so there’s a demand for phlebotomy training in Sacramento. It’s a city full of hospitals, clinics, private practices, etc. The heavy mix of people and the growing […]

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The Best Phlebotomy Training Courses and Classes in Oregon

Where to Start Phlebotomy Training in Oregon

You’re not alone in wanting to find the top phlebotomy training in Oregon. Phlebotomy has become a popular career all over America. As medical technologies have continued to advance, so has the need for such positions. Not only are phlebotomists in high demand all over the U.S., but the job market is extremely competitive. Programs […]

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